My Fairyland

There are fairies and elves and a brownie and a dwarf and much humour

Georgie, The Baby Dragon

Georgie the baby dragon cannot breath fire and steps out on many adventures to do so

The Story of Jimmy Jelly Fish

Jimmy wants to go on a holiday and walk on land

Chatty Mouse and his friends

Four separate stories in the life of this friendly little mouse

The Magic Christmas Tree

A story all about a little tree who is more than appears… much more!


Ann Steedman writes and illustrates her own stories for children. Her life has been one in ballet and the theatre but she has designed and painted all her life too. It is said that its obvious she knows about movement when looking at her art work. She says that her artistic career is really the flip side of choreography which she loves. Ann has work which sells in exhibitions and she also takes commissions. Recently she did a work for a married couple who wanted an illustration of their lovely modernised Tithe barn house as a special feature in their home.

One of her stories was taken by BBC radio and read by an actress in 15 chapters on the run up to Christmas. None of her stories set out to horrify or shock… but there is plenty of action!! Grown ups like the stories too. Ann seeks a good publisher or future for her work.

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